She nursed him back to health.

I'm working on a big project.

I won't wear that dress.

Don't try to trick death twice in one day.

Werner bought a nice house in Boston.


I didn't have a key.


Kamiya has spent the past three years in prison.

We're undressing.

Karl and Brandon frequently complained that they never had time to spend together without the children.

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Electronics provides a multi-stage and simple adjustment of the air flow.


You're almost as tall as Dwayne.

We have to pull the weeds.

She attributed her failure to illness.

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You're not late.

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Everyone had to learn French.

You began to cry.

Chip just saw Kristi.

I don't understand how you can just sit there and not do anything.

The secret of football is the ball, you see.


She does not know me.


Dan waited in the emergency room hallway to hear the status of Linda's condition.

Colin nodded approval.

Miriamne won't have to apologize.

I think we're going to be late.

Promise you won't get mad.

Any place will do.

Large catches of squid are a sign of a coming earthquake.

Only I was able to jump across the stream then.

He likes most beautiful flowers.

Are you going to buy that or not?

How does Tollefsen know about that?

A blender lets you mix different foods together.

Did he pass the test?

Randolph won't know I'm here.

You are here now in a doctor's surgery.

They are big.

I have a stuffed-up nose.

Ricardo is my first name.

Celeste auditioned for the part.


This question is difficult to answer.

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That desk is too small for Meg.

There are twenty-five students in the assembly hall.

I don't buy that. Your logic is faulty, and your example is nonsense.

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I'm going to meet her there.


I don't have anything I need to say to Art.


Guido doesn't seem very surprised.

I can be courteous.

I think Takao is intense.

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Their argument eventually ended in a draw.

It seems unlikely that Sofoklis committed suicide.

Her day is about to be ruined.

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You thought I wouldn't come tonight, didn't you?

Why are you so quarrelsome?

Jarvis was surprised to see me.

"Why aren't you going?" "Because I don't want."

You're wanted on the telephone.

Robert didn't buy everything we asked him to buy.

We mentioned that gentleman in the conversation.

Perfect guys don't exist, but there's always one guy that is perfect for you.

I wanted to know the truth.

How do you make Mirano?

I want a full report as soon as possible.


Don't you think it is rather warm for December?

His advanced age prevents him from getting a job.

Most of these products are domestic.

Samuel kept his eyes shut.

Let's meet here again a year from today.


Shouldn't we give Frank a chance?


It's hard to imagine.

Did you know that Miriamne is planning on moving to Boston?

I need to take your temperature again.

Luca is more intelligent than you.

Torajiro made it clear that he was in love with me.


I could not study at home.

It wasn't very good.

The bomb is quite likely somewhere on this floor.


Do you want to see my scar?

I put the money into the safe.

I was cured of my drinking habit.

Pitawas is very fast, isn't he?

Sir, do we have to write in ink?

The force of the wind made it difficult to walk.

He put his hand to his forehead.


I am a boy.

Juan seldom wears his black shirt.

Don't you remember them?

He teaches them how to speak Japanese.

Why do you need this toothpick?


Let's just keep this between ourselves, shall we?


He obviously lied.

There's someone I'd like you to meet.

I bought a house in 2013.


Shamim pat his son on the back.


I hope he'll be OK.


A man like me needs a hat.

Miles misled Guy.

She gave up in despair.

Cobbler, keep to thy last!

Men only think about one thing.

I've never seen this place so empty.

I want to leave this difficult job to her.

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Her fever subsided.

I wish I could talk to every person in the world.

I think we have a problem here.

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A waterfall of sweat began to pour down my face.

Briggs could get arrested.

It's natural that she should get angry.

Leave me not thus alone.

Her purse is the same color as her shoes.

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We're sure you'll be fine.

Conrad doesn't want to talk to you now.

Most students study hard.


I have an allergy to pollen.

They need to eat double that amount.

Ye shall seek me, and shall not find me; and where I am, thither ye cannot come.

On a hot summer day, the air conditioner works all day to keep us cool.

Daryl didn't do this.

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I'm perfectly capable of carrying it myself.

Gabriel was disrespectful, wasn't he?

His finger bleeds.

Hold on to it.

The new contract enables us to demand whatever we want.

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Only prayers keep him alive.

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He is not so much a scholar as a poet.


A hungry child doesn't play with a full child.

They are immune against attacks.

I want to speak German.

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I'll take you to Harmon.

Why are you using this old computer?

Charleen can't seem to keep out of trouble.


We should remember that politeness doesn't function at the conscious level.

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That's a possible explanation.

It's not an evil idea, but it is a bad one.

He's a famous physicist not only in Japan, but throughout the world.


I'm the only one in this group who doesn't speak French.

He pushed his way through the crowd.

That's just how things are.

Can I go over to Rusty's house to play?

Its surface was as flat as a mirror.

Forget about the past, live the present, think about future.

She could also hire a car.

His talk led me to believe that he knows a great deal.

It rained hard during the morning.

I'll try not to disturb you while you're studying.

I support you a hundred percent.


Deserting your dessert is a crime.

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Today I go to school.

Chuck just proposed.

I didn't want to miss the party.

Why is this happening?

The balance at the bank stands at two million yen.

I wish you'd stop asking me that.

Urgent business kept me from coming sooner.

Jisheng and I know each other.

I'm not hungry at all.

Some things never change.

Was he lying on his back?

She is aware of my secret plan.

Why are you always so suspicious?